Scropt to Download Video Clip from Y_Tube


This script is for downloading clips from Y-TUBE site on your hard drive. First you have to select the video clip you want to download. Go to the page where the clip is displayed. In the example I will download the clip [The Mystery Of Bulgarian Voices & Music - Polegnala e Todora]. On your browser you will see something like this []. Here you can see the video identification of the clip on the server. In reality, this only the mask id and a part of the id which will do for us. To find the real video_id you have to go to the Page Source. In Internet Explorer you can switch to the page source by going to Page/View Source. By switching the page to HTML script view you can search and find this string [ video_id= ]. In the example you will find [video_id= LrKOUQAnnpQ&l=233&sk=HrZYoJjbTn2Wmv2xlBODLdbHgPNbYoNfC&fmt_map=&t=OEgsToPDskJEGNoMAXL6GWT6RAEu7YSB&hl=en&plid=AARexzSPwHuyWEqnAAAAoAA8AAA&title=The Mystery Of Bulgarian Voices & Music - Polegnala e Todora';].

Select and copy the id code from =to the name of the clip. It is underlined in the example. Then go to your browser window ant type the string. This is simple, instead of the [watch?v = ...] you type [get_video?video_id= here you paste the video id you already found]. It  must look like this;



Save the file with extension .flv. You can wath it any time with FLV player.

Note; The video_id strings are changed regularly, so the actual script on the page may not work.















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